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miles pic 23.png

Miles Blackwell

CCW Heavyweight Champion​
kantrell pic.png

Kevin Kantrell

Southern States Champion
tag team brick willie pic.png

Brick & Frost

Tag Team


showtime pic 23.png

Aiden Johnson

taven pic.png

Alexander Pressley

Bonekrusher pic.png

Bone Krusher

brick pic.png

Brick Bronson

Adam pic 23.png

Brien Adam

22 bryce maddox.png

Bryce Maddox

Chris Turner.png

Chris Turner

Cody pic 23.png

Cody Knight

Daniel Anderson

daniel anderson cutout.png

Daniel Anderson

green cutout.png

Demarcus Green

Dragon Slayer.png

Dragon Slayer

dusty pic 23.png

Dusty Williams

hHavac pic 23.png


jarod pic 23.png

Jarrod Michaels

cowboy pic.png

Joe Furnari

kantrell pic.png

Kevin Kantrell

Landon Crews.png

Landon Crews

frost pic 23.png

Luke Frost

miles pic 23.png

Miles Blackwell

Odin Davenport.png

Odin Davenport


Paul Roberts

prince cito pic.png

Prince Cito

juan cutout.png

Profesor De La Muerte

Sean Ready.png

Sean Ready

shooter 2023 pic.png

Shooter Mcgee

isaac cross pic.png

Isacc Cross

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